Beer and Performance: Why Beer is a Bad Motivator for Children, but Great for Adults

I was reading a study that says people are more likely to drink alcohol on days when they work out, versus days when they are less active.  It got me thinking and I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to bribe myself with some guilty pleasure in order to get through a workout.  Sometimes all we need is that extra little push.

While I want this blog to be about health and fitness, I find balance to be an important aspect of living a full, happy life.  I wanted to take this opportunity to share some of my favorite post-workout-bribe-IPA’s.


3 Floyds Brewing Company: Zombie Dust IPA:  I had the opportunity to enjoy a glass or two of this delicious Pale Ale while having dinner at their brewery in Munster, Indiana.  It was fresh, crisp, and hands down the best beer I’ve ever had.  If you can find it, try it.


Sweetwater Brewing Co:  Sweetwater IPA:  I love this brewing company.  I fell in love with their brews while living in Knoxville and, while their IPA is my favorite, their 420 and Blue are also staples in our icebox.  (The Sweetwater Blue is a light-bodied ale with a hint of blueberry, and is my wife’s favorite beer.)  After moving to Illinois and realizing Sweetwater didn’t have distribution to this state, I was driven to write emo-style poems to the company.  True Story.  That’s how good their beer is.  They currently ship to Illinois, so crisis averted.  “The beer you’ve been training for.”  Truer words have never been spoken.


Ballast Point: Sculpin IPA:  This a brewery located in San Diego, CA.  When Sweetwater wasn’t available in Illinois, my search to fill the void brought me to their Sculpin IPA.  This is a wonderful, crisp IPA with a good balance of hops and citrus, making it a refreshing treat after finishing a sweat-inducing workout.


Stone Brewing Company:  Enjoy By ____:  As the company states on their website, this is a “devastatingly independent double IPA.”  While it’s not always available, when I see it, I usually grab a 24 oz. bottle to enjoy.  As a side note, this beer has a 9.4% alcohol by volume.  It packs a punch.

I don’t drink often, but during the summer months a cold beer after a long, hot run can be just what the doctor ordered.  The explosion in the number of micro-breweries over the past decade has led to increased options and availability for beer drinkers.  There are a ton of great beers that are not on my list, but these are the ones that consistently find their way into my glass.

It goes without saying, the title of this post is meant as a joke.  Smile for goodness sake!


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