Our family walk…

On Wednesday we had a blizzard warning.  We didn’t get the snowfall expected, but the wind was crazy and caused some issues.  However, by the weekend most of the snow was gone and we were once again reaping the rewards of an El Niño winter.

Our family hike took place on more of a cross country course this week.  It was nice to soak up some sun.  Most of the two mile hike was spent listening to our daughter explain that her “mouth was a house for her tongue.”  And how her tongue typically likes to sleep during the day, but “today the sun keeps getting in and waking it up.” 

Once again, my wife and I were both able to fit in longer runs outdoors.  I’m definitely ready to get off the treadmill and get outdoors full time.


One thought on “Our family walk…

  1. I really enjoyed reading your short, yet sweet little story of your family walk (your little girl is amazing to walk all that way by the way) as I was searching for parenting blogs!


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