Land Between the Lakes Marathon: Race Report

This past weekend was the Land Between the Lakes Marathon (they also have 50 mile, 37 mile and half marathon distances).  All races are on the trail.  If you’re looking for an early season trail run, you should definitely give the LBL your consideration.


  • Splendid single track trails.
  • Early in the season but you shouldn’t fear frostbite.
  • A lot of fun, friendly folks running
  • Magnificent single track trails.
  • Difficult but not imposing.  Very runnable.
  • Amazing views 
  • Experienced race directors (it shows)
  • Enthusiastic volunteers at well stocked aid stations 
  • Did I mention great single track trails?
  • No bears (I think)


No need for bullet points here.  It wasn’t something that bothered me, but I heard some gripes (if you can even call them that) about traffic jams on the trail.  A staggered start would help ease some of the congestion.  But a hint for the complainers…enjoy yourself.  Warning: I’m about to sound like a parent.  There are people out there with real problems.  Trail congestion isn’t one of them.

Overall this is a fun race on an amazing course.  I need to give a special shout out to Hammer Nutrition for saving me.  At mile 16 I was in some serious trouble with calf cramps.  I popped an Endurolyte capsule and spent some time re-hydrating before finishing the last ten miles.  If you’re looking for a good electrolyte replenisher, give them a try.  I had never taken them before this race, as I’ve never had an issue with cramping.  I was fortunate the aid stations were stocked with them.  These will be a staple in running kit going forward.  

I didn’t run with my phone, so I didn’t get any pictures.  There were so many times I wish I had it with me.  With so many great campgrounds in the area we may take a family weekend to revisit these trails later in the summer.

Happy trails!


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