Learning to fall…

My wife makes a springtime trek back to Knoxville every year to spend a few weeks with family and friends.  I had some business in the Southeast last week, so I met them in Knoxville for the weekend.

I woke up early Saturday morning to visit Haw Ridge, which is where I did a lot of training when we lived in Tennessee.  It’s a beautiful area in Oak Ridge, TN with 30 miles of picture-perfect single track trails.

I’ve run these trails so many times, they feel like home.  I was enjoying the run, soaking up the scenery and totally bit it. Flat on my face.  After six years of trail running this was a first for me.  I’ve tripped, but have always been able to catch myself.  Quite the ego buster.  

It was a great run and a great weekend.  It was a reminder of why we really want to get back to Knoxville.

Haw Ridge

Haw Ridge
While I was working on Friday, my wife and her parents took our daughter on hike up in the Smokies.  They hiked up to Spruce Flat Falls which is approximately a two mile round trip.  My daughter absolutely loved it!  My wife brought our daughter’s crocs so she could enjoy the water at the falls.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!



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